This session was called by Niamh de Valera, Executive Director of the Blue Elephant Theatre, which has been extremely supportive of small-scale dance over many years. After a while, this session merged with the one on gatekeepers.

Niamh has very kindly sent over some initial notes in the interim, and I've posted them below.

- Hold longer runs so that more industry and press can see work-in-progress
- Hold preview runs before a piece is 'completed' tp drum up support and publicity for later
- Hold industry nights – like a smaller/fringe version of “British Dance ...”
- Luke Jennings said that Monday nights might be good for getting more established dance writers to cover fringe venues
- We discussed how nowhere publishes all the small-scale dance listings any more as Time Out used to do
- Overall, there was a feeling that we should try to network and share knowledge and advocate for female choreographers.