It's very early days yet, but we were all very committed to our plans of action and on collaborating to making change happen in our industry. 

We explored ways of continuing the conversations and sharing ideas and ways in which we can continue to work together on this - and also, the people who wanted to attend but who couldn't are also keen to be part of this. 

So far, I've set up a Facebook group and an email discussion list, which you can join here:; the email address for the discussion list is Everyone is welcome to join either/both, whether or not you managed to attend the event on 10 January, and crossposting will happen so that nobody misses out. 

Until all the sessions are written up, I can't post a list of action points to help focus us, but that will come soon, however some action points are highlighted in the session reports posted so far.

Sally Marie talked about continuing the conversations by meeting up on a regular basis, to share ideas and updates and plans, and we've also discussed what format those meetings should take; for example, tackling specific subjects or themes, or specific projects as well as general chats. These would enable more people to join these conversations if they're available, however it'd be tricky for non-Londoners to take part. After each of these meetings, notes should be circulated to everyone so that they can remain included in what we're working on and achieving. 

Sally and I also discussed that there are a lot of us and we each have different areas of interest, so the most effective way for us to collaborate and have an impact is to divide ourselves into working groups so that we can focus on the issues we care most about and where we can make the most difference. Presumably, once people start signing up for the email discussion list and/or the Facebook group, we can start discussing this. And the more online we keep this, the more people from around the country or who can't turn up to meetings can be involved. 

The hashtag for all this is #cdfgend, and please do join in; you can see a collection of tweets about the event and beyond here:

I'll continue to update this page...